An introduction to “The Writer and the Throne”

Happy to share with you the synopsis for the first book in this epic pentalogy!

Welcome to Saggilmut, a heavenly realm that is all but serene, torn from thousands of years of feuding between the gods. 

Mythologies clash as Odin, King of Asgard, will stop at nothing to achieve his fate to rule, while Zeus, Lord Shiva, Osiris and other gods great and powerful have their own contradictory agendas. 

Join 19 year-old Aaron, the first proclaimed Writer, as he journeys to uncover the truth of the impending war, traveling the supernal world, learning which gods can be trusted and which have been lying to mankind since the beginning. 

In the end, only one of the gods can be proclaimed as the Ruler of Gods. But first, they will have to survive the Warfare of the Gods.

Published by authorctortega

Caleb Ortega is an Army combat veteran and avid world traveler, including Europe and the Middle East. He is a devoted student of historical ethics and morals. He enjoys painting, mindless action movies, and losing fairly consistently in chess.

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