The Saggilmut Chronicles begins May 6th!

I’m ecstatic to share that along with the eight books in the Warfare of the Gods series coming your way, I am now going to bring you, the reader, even deeper into the story with ‘The Saggilmut Chronicles!’ 

Available on Amazon Villa beginning in May, this weekly episodic series will take you further into the story. More gods! More details, and more adventures! 

Offering a chapter a week, the Saggilmut Chronicles, will follow the book series as the epic fantasy continues forward.  
I hope enjoy the unfolding of both intertwining adventures as they unfold!

Simply find me at C.T. Ortega, or search the Saggilmut Chronicles beginning on Thursday 6 May!

Published by authorctortega

Caleb Ortega is an Army combat veteran and avid world traveler, including Europe and the Middle East. He is a devoted student of historical ethics and morals. He enjoys painting, mindless action movies, and losing fairly consistently in chess.

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